Wife. Busy Mom. Flight Attendant. Personal Trainer.

I am a wife, a mom to two little girls and my lifetime passion is teaching fitness classes. For over two decades, if you could lift it, stretch it, step it, bounce it, slide it, swish it... I've probably taught it. Nothing makes me happier than creating fun movements, finding fantastic music and watching people leave happier than when they arrived.

This Is My Transformation

Early in my career, I was incredibly fortunate to learn the industry as a trainer, a corporate fitness manager, a competitive fitness athlete trainer and later went on to facilitate workshops and certify new personal trainers/group exercise instructors for the worlds largest agency. Learning, mentoring and growing created a busy schedule, but the one thing I always had time for? Teaching My Classes!

Life shifted, I became a flight attendant, married my husband (who is also a pilot) and I put the cherry on top by getting married and having two, beautiful, amazing little girls. My pregnancies were Incredibly difficult, my husband was away more than ever, our first had colic, I had no idea how on earth I was supposed to be a mom and a flight attendant and 'bouncing back' was not a term my body was terribly familiar with. But you know what was always there for me? My Classes!

After kids, I needed to be smarter about moving my body. I needed kinder, more intentional movement. I need shorter workouts that could be done in the pockets of my day. And so StrongFlight was created!

If you have ever felt the struggle to begin, the struggle to keep showing up, the struggle to believe in yourself... my friend, you have found Home! Join our Crew and find the next level you have always wanted for yourself!

See and feel for yourself- try your first class for Free!

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